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My pioneers canvas bag arrived. It's roomy, and fantastic, and I already answered a question about it, concluding with, and Carla Hayden, my favorite librarian. I'm not the only one with a favorite librarian, right?

Melody Edwards

I had a rough week. It felt like I was caught in this crazy miniseries. The universe always takes care of me during weeks like this... I opened up the mail today and just smiled. Just keep going, kYm -I got U and U got this! s/o to Shaundra Walker for being the carrier of the message - She is a dope librarian too and this is her brand! I want to give her a s/o for asking me to be a model 4her creative endeavors. The dopeness in that! ♡☆♡ Buy ur custom made shirt here:

kYmberly Keeton

I ordered this shirt from @inteellectuals and can I just say they have the best customer service on the planet? The shirt looked like it got lost in the mail and I asked for a new shirt to be sent out and within a day they sent me a new one!